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Barry Spencer, Financial Advisor - Alpharetta, GA
“My Revenue Per Client Has Tripled With The Seminar Money Machine!
I Saw Dramatic Results Just 4 Days After The Training.”
“I’ve been using seminars, but the number and quality of attendees was declining. With Scott’s system to buy lists and the tested invitation, attendance and response are up and there are more qualified prospects in the room. With the PowerPoint, scripted seminar opening and close, 81.3% are signing up to meet me. My average revenue per client has more than tripled.”
Don Moore, RFC, CES – Pensacola, Florida
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Hi, Scott Keffer here.

Hands down, the biggest problem I see financial advisors facing is that they’re settling for less-than-ideal clients… working with too many of the wrong kind of clients… and not enough of the right kind.

There are other problems of course, like having the wrong staff and not having systems and processes. But, by far, the settling for “less-than-qualified” client problem is the worst one.

When you’re working with the wrong kinds of clients, the kind that don’t really appreciate the value you bring to their lives, the kind who can’t fully benefit from the good work you do, the kind that take a ton of hand holding and way more service, the kind that generally suck the life out of you and your team…
You Work Too Much…
You Don’t Get Paid Anywhere Near What You Are Worth…
And You’re Heading Steadily Toward Burn Out.
This is not good and frankly, if you keep this up, you’ll never get where you want to go in your business… and your life.

Typically what happens in this business when you’re stuck working with the wrong clients is that everything takes longer. Meetings take longer. Decisions take longer. Service takes longer. The work is more taxing… and you’re getting paid less.
Every Little Bit Of Work You Do With A WRONG FIT Client Drains More Resources, Including Your Own Time And Energy. And Sadly, You Have Less Resources Left For Finding And Serving “Right Fit” Clients You Love.

Those Are The Clients You Really Want. Here’s Why …
A “right fit” client meets all of your criteria for income and assets. While that may seem overly obvious, there are plenty of advisors bending their own rules on this and suffering because of it.

A “right fit” client can afford to work with you, is receptive to your guidance, and also makes it EASY for you to serve them. They are forthcoming with information and eager to employ your suggestions.

And what I’ve discovered through EXTENSIVE testing and overwhelming results (both for me and dozens upon dozens of my private coaching clients) is that SEMINARS provide the ultimate platform for filtering out Wrong Fit prospects and converting qualified prospects into Right Fit clients.

As you may know, I serve as a consultant, coach and trainer to financial advisors across North America and our private coaching advisors are among THE most successful advisors around the globe.

I don’t say that to brag, just to set the stage for the important message I want you to receive on this page today …
Seminars Are The PRIMARY Driver For “Right Fit”
Clients For My Most Successful Advisors.
Done correctly (which is a very important stipulation), seminars just flat out work!

Now, let me ask you a question.

What if you had a real machine that dispensed one hundred dollar bills every time you inserted a dollar?

What if it worked every single time, without fail… even if you let it sit unused for a while?

What if it produced a BIG return, multiple times what you put into it?

That would be a good machine to have, right?

Would you be willing to put $20,000 in? $50,000? $100,000?
“A Road Map To Succeed!”
“For me, as a retired pilot, I love checklists, because if you do all the steps then you get the results. The Seminar Money Machine has very detailed checklists and a road map to succeed. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”
Tim Estes, CFP – Fort Worth, Texas
Seminars Are That “Machine!”
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When I started my independent practice in 1994, since I had no clients, seminars were my only way to get new clients (I’ll tell you why in a moment)…

And I’m here to tell you, I probably made every mistake possible, and more.

Originally, I thought all I needed was an invitation and PowerPoint and I would be successful. Man, was I clueless.

I had no idea what needed to happen before the event to ensure that pre-qualified prospects showed up and non-qualified prospects got filtered out.

I had no idea what had to happen at the event and during the presentation to motivate every qualified prospect to sign up for a one-on-one appointment with me.

And, I had no idea what had to happen after the event to compel every prospect who signed up to show up in my office ready to take action.

Every mistake meant lost clients and lost revenue… and it was a confidence killer, at times. I wanted to quit many times over. However, I knew that if I persevered, I would have something immensely valuable: a client “machine.”

I knew I needed help. So I bought every seminar system I could get my hands on and went to every training offered. Most of it was worthless, same old industry crap.

So, I began to study proven marketing and positioning gurus outside of the financial services industry.

Slowly I began to see patterns…

Then I hired some of the most expensive coaches outside of the financial industry to hone my discovery. Tens of thousands of dollars became hundreds of thousands.

But it was worth it, because I ended up with an integrated seminar system.

I didn’t stop there. My team and I continued to test and transform every facet of the system. Every time we would make a mistake, we created a tool to ensure it didn’t happen again, we inserted it into a process and we assembled the processes into a system.
Now We Have A Series Of Proven Processes
Woven Together Into A Seamless, Elegant System
Which Produces Predictable, Profitable Results.
Seminars turned into my #1, #2, and #3 source of new qualified clients. I had a public seminar system, one through charities, and one through community banks. I didn’t have to worry about where my next client would come from. I could turn on the “machine” at will.

I originally developed the “machine” for me.

None of the other traditional advisor marketing methods worked.

I hated to beg for referrals and rarely got them. Networking was a waste of time. Client appreciation events were great, but clients only occasionally brought qualified prospects. Attorneys and accountants “promised” introductions rarely came as well.

New clients from these traditional marketing methods were a mere trickle… not enough to survive, let alone grow.

On the other hand, seminars put me in the driver’s seat. I was in total control. I could create clients at will!
Then Something Totally Unexpected Happened…
A total game changer!

The flow of new clients grew to beyond our capacity.

When demand exceeds capacity, what happens? Bingo. You got it. Prices go up!

I became increasingly more valuable in the marketplace. And, I became much more selective about who I worked with.

Hear this: the more selective I became, the more prospects WANTED to work with me.

Imagine what would happen if you were able to create more and more demand for your services. Your value would skyrocket. You get paid more while working with better clients… who appreciate you more.
Get The Proven Seminar System NOW
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Sound Like A Pipedream? Listen To This Story…
Barry Spencer approached me after I spoke at a national conference for advisors. He explained that he had been traveling the world teaching leadership for a company and it was taking its toll on his family, so he decided to get into financial services.

“How’s it going?” I asked, guessing the answer.

“Very challenging.Can you help?” Barry responded.

“I built three prospect-generating machines in my business using seminars. They work! I don’t know of any other method that will predictably and profitably, if they’re done right, position you as an authority in your community and generate qualified new clients year after year,” I told him.

“But I’ve been told they don’t work, that the affluent don’t come anymore, and that all you end up with is buying dinners for people that are there only for the food,” Barry responded.

I continued, “Those are some of the myths that are being spread in the industry. The reason seminars don’t work for most advisors is that most advisors don’t know the secrets to success. They make the same mistakes that lead to failure over and over again. Typically, they try one or two seminars using the mail house solution promoted by their Broker-Dealer or brokerage house, and they end up with a room full of unqualified prospects. They conclude that seminars don’t work and they tell all their friends.”

“Will you show me how to build my business with seminars?” Barry asked.

“On one condition,” I responded.

Barry said, “Yes?”

“You follow the system and do it exactly the way I lay it out,” I said with a smile.

“Deal,” Barry replied.

Using our system, Barry filled his seminars with qualified prospects… had 83% of attendees sign up for appointments… and gained 10 new affluent clients in the first year. All of them were over $1 Million in net worth and half of them were over $5 Million!
Barry’s Revenue Grew By 10 Times!
As word about Barry’s success with seminars spread through our Mastery Coaching group, the push was on the get me to package the “machine” and add live training.

Finally, Rey Cruz, one of our private advisor clients, forced me to make a decision during our Mastery Session. I agreed to share the system… but only with advisors in our Private Coaching Program. We set a date to deliver the system and training… March 4-6, 2015. 

Well, shortly after making the promise, my wife had major colon surgery and my dad died unexpectedly from a heart attack…

Long story short, it was a herculean task to formalize everything we had learned.

Preparing for training, it became clear that advisors would need 4 things to enjoy the same level of success that I had and Barry was enjoying.

On March 4th, over 50 folks from across the U.S. and Canada gathered at the Hyatt in Pittsburgh for the unveiling of the system and 3 days of training.
Advisors just like you, who wanted to adopt this PROVEN method of generating consistent “right fit” clients at will, received:
  • The Magnetic Invitation Process – the tested invitation and process to attract qualified prospects and keep wrong fit clients from registering for the seminar;
  •  The Seminar Success Blueprint And System – the Can’t Fail step-by-step blueprint, tools, processes, checklists your team and event on track;
  •  The Take Action PowerPoint and Close – includes the elegant PowerPoint and Seminar Opening and Seminar Close that gets qualified attendees to sign up;
  •  The SEMINAR MONEY MACHINE™ Immersion Training – our 3-day complete immersion training that outlines and explains every tool and process, along with role-playing sessions and an audio and video of me presenting the PowerPoint Presentation.
Every tool, checklist, template, tracking tool, and script that we personally use was included. Every secret and trick was shared. Nothing was held back.

It’s virtually fool-proof as well.

“When Can I Get My Hands On This?”

As word of their success spreads, we are being asked the same question…“When will the system and training be available again.”

We’ve taken the recordings of that live event and are having them transcribed so you can have the trainings in every mode – audio, video and written.
No matter what your learning style is, there is a version for you. And, no matter where you are (at your computer, in your office, in the car or at home), you and your team can get up to speed super quick.

That’s the SEMINAR MONEY MACHINE™ Home Study System.

It’s everything you need to implement seminars successfully in your business starting immediately!

It includes not only what to send – the invitation, postcards, follow-up letters and mailers – but also when to send them, and more importantly, when NOT to send them. That mistake can costs tens of thousands and drive response down!

It includes insider secrets on how to buy the right list, why you don’t want to buy the list from all-in-one mail houses and where to find super-qualified “list within lists.” You’ll learn the powerful Bull’s Eye marketing technique that targets and draws affluent prospects who would normally not respond.

It includes the PowerPoint presentation, which has been seen in…
It also includes our secret “appointment sauce,” – the scripted opening and close that even if you deliver it poorly virtually ensures over 80% sign up rate. Don Moore delivered it 4 days after training and had over 80% of the attendees sign up for an appointment.

Every tool and template has been tested over and over again. Not only with me, but now with other advisors, as well.

We’ve refined and perfected every thing down to the tiniest detail and put them into a plug and play system for you to immediately get seminars feeding your business with “right fit” clients.

I mentioned before that when I first started doing seminars, I made some pretty horrible mistakes. It’s true. And frankly, anyone who does seminars and wings it really sets themselves up to fail.

If you’ve tried seminars before with dismal results or if you’ve heard war stories from veterans in the business, it’s because they didn’t have a proven system for attracting the right prospects, delivering the right message at the live event, and converting attendees to appointments.

It requires impeccable choreography.
The Result Is A Seemingly Magical “Client Machine”
That Consistently Delivers Results Like Nothing Else Can.
Barry Spencer approached me after I spoke at a national conference for advisors. He explained that he had been traveling the world teaching leadership for a company and it was taking its toll on his family, so he decided to get into financial services.
Imagine having a machine that produced ideal clients at will. What would that be worth to you and your business?

When you implement my system, like many other advisors have, you create an unstoppable machine that drives your business.
The Best Part … It Feeds You With “RIGHT FIT” CLIENTS, And Not Unqualified Clients You Don’t Want!
I believe in testing. And believe me, I’ve tested every form of marketing, every media, every method.
Get The Proven Seminar System NOW
Get The System And Start To Profit NOW
And Get A Ticket To The Next LIVE Training!
…or Call (800) 281-1575
“It’s Truly A Turnkey System.”
“Everything is included. As a team, we have a track to run on and it’s very exciting. I thrive on structure, so I am very, very excited about this system.”
Leslie Heatherly – Aurora, Illinois
I’ve done A LOT of marketing over the past 3 decades. And I’ve conducted A LOT of seminars in that time.I can tell you that this machine I’ve created was not something I just stumbled upon. This was a hard-won, painstakingly developed system.

And the proof is in the pudding.

It works!

And what’s really great about it is that my system doesn’t just work for one advisor… in one niche… in one part of the country.
This is a fool-proof system that will work for you, no matter what corner of North America you live in.
I’ve even made it as easy as possible to implement, both for you and your team.
I Know How Important “Ease Of Use” Is For You. So We’ve Put A Tremendous Amount Of Effort Into Giving You The Tools And Resources You Really Need To Succeed In A Form That Is Truly “Can’t Miss.”
What I mean by that is you won’t just learn how we do the things we do in our seminars, but I will share with you the why. We’re giving you every one of our templates, our tracking mechanisms, our checklists, our notes … I’m giving you everything you could possibly need to turn this seminar money machine on in your business.
Aside From Marketing And Conducting
The Seminar For You, I’ve Done All The Work!
Now you can just plug this in and let the machine do its job. Just turn the key.

Lucky for you, you won’t need to wait long for results. Yes, you’ll certainly get better with time and practice. But you’ll see results the very first time you conduct a seminar.

Just imagine what it will be like for you to have a qualified client faucet that you can turn on and off whenever you want. You can actually focus on serving your clients and stop worrying about getting them.

You’ll be able to afford whatever you want to.

That may seem like a bold, blanket statement. But it is so true.
“This Will Transform Our Business"
“We stopped doing seminars, because qualified people stopped showing up. This is going to become our number one lead source for right fit clients. We had given up on seminars, now we have a proven track to run on.This will be transformative to our business.”
Tad Hill, CRPC – Birmingham, Alabama
Get This Money Machine Working In Your Business And You Can Literally Afford Whatever You Want To Do In Life … Take Lavish Vacations, Pay For The Best College For Your Kids, Retire Early, And Even Sell Your Business For Top Dollar.
“More Impact On Advisors Than Any Other Coach”
“Scott Keffer has likely had more impact on financial professionals than any other coach in the U.S.”
Robert Ritter, Jr. – CEO, Insmark
Truly, the sky’s the limit. As I’ve said already, my system is PROVEN to work. Nothing you’ll get is untested theory. This worked in my practice as well as the practices of dozens of my students. You can find some of their results throughout this letter.

I know how to create proven transferable processes, as the creator of Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp, The Legacy Planning Process, The Donor Motivation Program®, and The Affluent Engagement System®, among others.I’ve conducted over 412 presentations. Suffice it to say, I’ve got quite a lot of experience.

Unlike many other industry “experts,” I not only created my own highly successful affluent practice from scratch, where I developed this system, but I have proven track record of being able to transfer what I’ve learned to other advisors.

I’ve helped many of my students implement this system in their practices with consistently impressive results.
  • ​They never worry about where their next client is coming from. They know.
  •  They are highly paid for the good work they do.
  •  They are positioned as an authority above and beyond every other competitor in their market.
  •  They always attract clients that fit their detailed “right fit” client criteria.
  •  They work only with clients they love. No more taking on unqualified clients.
  •  They don’t stress about money anymore.
  •  They deliver better service to their clients, because they focused on serving fewer clients.
  •  They DOMINATE their market and become sought out by people they really want to work with.
  •  Their credibility skyrockets.
“This Puts Me In Front Of The Right Kind Of Clients”
“I looked at a lot of different seminar systems for advisors. They’re all very cookie cutter… the same thing that every other advisor is doing. This is everything I need to get in front of the right kind of clients.”
Suanne Jones, CFP – Eugene, Oregon
Now I invite you to put all of this experience and hard PROOF to work in your business…

The SEMINAR MONEY MACHINE™LIVE Training, which includes the Home Study System will retail for $19,997 (early discount available below) and includes:
  • ​Our invitations, emails, scripts, and confirmations to get all of the right people to attend your seminars.
  • ​The PowerPoint we use to conduct seminars, along with the scripted opening and close – so you’ll know exactly what to say and when to say it to book appointments on the spot.
  • All of our tracking spreadsheets, so no lead falls through the cracks and every marketing dollar is maximized.
  • The complete training to teach you how to use all of those tools – how to fill your seminar, how to conduct it, and how to book appointments from it.
  • ​The complete DVD set and the complete CD set of our live SEMINAR MONEY MACHINE™ Training – you’ll hear every word said and everything shown from the live stage.
  • ​The transcripts of the live training so you can take notes and retain the information for immediate and ongoing application for driving a flood of new “right fit” clients into your practice whenever you want. We have left no stone unturned.This is EVERYTHING you’ll need to get the unstoppable SEMINAR MONEY MACHINE™ driving your business! In fact, I’m so sure you’ll love it that I’ll give you my Triple Guarantee.
Get The Proven Seminar System NOW
Get The System And Start To Profit NOW
And Get A Ticket To The Next LIVE Training!
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Scott’s Triple Satisfaction Guarantee
If You Don’t See How The Invitation And PowerPoint Presentation Will Get Millionaires To Attend And Sign Up To Meet You…

OR That The Fool-Proof System Includes Step-By-Step Everything Your Team Needs To Succeed (And More)…

OR Even If You Just Don’t Like The Way The Binders Are Designed, Or The Fonts Or Colors I Used… You Name It…

Just Hand Me Your System and I’ll Gladly Refund Every Penny, On The Spot, No Questions Asked, Your Word Is Gold!
Here Are The Details For The LIVE Training:
June 13 & 14, 2019

Hyatt Regency International At The Pittsburgh Airport Pittsburgh, PA

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Get The Proven Seminar System NOW
Get The System And Start To Profit NOW
And Get A Ticket To The Next LIVE Training!
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Do it now… so you can get this “machine” working in your business that much sooner!
Scott Keffer
Founder and CEO
Scott Keffer International

P.S. Not to seem too overly obvious about pushing you to make this investment, but frankly, I’d recommend this system to my own family members if they were in the business. Whether you buy this or not will not change my lifestyle… but it will change yours.

P.P.S. This is how you’ll break free from feast or famine, free from working with crappy clients, and free from serving a business that doesn’t serve you well enough. It’s time to get the resources you need to grow efficiently, systematically, and while you’re at it … DOMINATE your market!

P.P.P. S. The results you achieve depend on the action you take NOW. Do nothing and stay stuck. Act on this investment and reap the rewards for the rest of your career (and really for the rest of your life). It’s up to you.
“A To Z Seminar System To Plug In Your Business”
“Scott has an A to Z program that will help you whether you’ve been in the business 25 years, like me, and are a seminar veteran or you’re doing seminars for the first time. You literally can pick the whole program up and plug it right into your business.
Rich Bean, – Bedford, New Hampshire
Get The Proven Seminar System NOW
Get The System And Start To Profit NOW
And Get A Ticket To The Next LIVE Training!
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