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Advisor Results
>>> 32 Year Advisor: Bill McLaughlin, CFP
Wall, New Jersey says:  
"I was using the same seminars that every other advisor in town was using and was getting a roomful of unqualified people. Using Scott's Seminar Money Machine, I'm getting $2 million, $3 million, and $5 million-dollar clients every seminarI just closed my biggest client worth $48 Million.” *
>>> 5 Year Advisor: Barry Spencer, Advisor 
Alpharetta, GA reports:  
"With just 5 years of experience, using Scott's Seminar Money Machine, I'm gaining million-dollar clients every seminar. In my first year, I got
10 million-dollar clients from a cold seminar
It's unbelievable.” *
>>> 12 Year Advisor: Sharon Duncan, CFP
Friendswood, Texas shares:
"My first seminar with Scott's Seminar Money Machine, I brought in $6 Million of new money!
>>> 35 Year Advisor: Richard Coe, CFP
Wichita, Kansas says:
"I had stopped using seminars. My first seminar with Scott's system, I got 40 appointments with million dollar prospectsI've never seen anything like it and I've been a CFP since 1980.” *
>>> 17 Year Advisor: Karen Malkoff-Hatton 
Tarzana, California states:
“Scott's Seminar Money Machine gave me everything to target the right prospects with the right invitation. It puts so many million dollar prospects in the room. In fact, my biggest prospect ever at $22 million.” *
>>> 6 Year Advisor: Chad Disbennett, CFP 
Lancaster, Ohio shares:
"I'm from a small town of 30,000. Scott's Seminar System filled the room with million dollar prospects and 85.7% signed up to meet with me! My revenue has grown from $310,000 to over $1.2 Million.” *
>>> 25 Year Advisor: Peter Florio, CFP 
Long Island, New York said:
"I have NEVER spoken in public before. My first seminar was SOLD OUT. I had prospects standing in line to sign up for an appointment with me!” *
>>> 32 Year Advisor: Jeff Busbee, CFP
Cedar Rapids, Iowa states:
“I never used seminars before. Other advisors told me they don't work with million dollar prospects. Boy, were they wrong. My very first seminar had 102 prospects signed up. This is unbelievable.” *
>>> 17 Year Advisor: Don Moore, RFC 
Sarasota, Florida reported:
"I was using seminars with steeply declining results - rooms filled with plate-lickers. Scott's seminar system filled the room with qualified prospects and 81.3% of the room signed up to meet with me. With all the new qualified clients, my revenue per seminar has more than tripled!*
>>> 22 Year Advisor: Philip Guske, CFP 
Rockford, Illinois reported:
“We followed your system and we had 72 register for our seminar. BY FAR the best draw ever.” *
>>> 27 Year Advisor: Steven G. Kamen, NSSA  
Saratoga Springs, New York said:
“I'm from a small town and worried that I couldn't fill a seminar. Scott’s seminar invitation system filled the room with qualified attendees and it put the owner of one of New York’s professional sports teams into our seminar, who signed up for a meeting.*
>>> 42 Year Advisor: David Sorenson, CLU, ChFC
Fitzburg, Wisconson reported:
“We sent out the invitation in Scott's Seminar Money Machine and SOLD OUT our first seminar with 60 prospects!*
>>> 9 Year Advisor: Brion Walters, ChFC
Cincinnati, Ohio stated:
“Using Scott’s Seminar System close in my existing retirement seminar at a local college DOUBLED the  prospect sign-up rate. *
>>> 41 Year Advisor: Sal Salvo, RFP
Parsippany, New Jersey , reported:
“We have been doing seminars for many years with up and down results in a super competitive suburb of New York city. Scott, with your million dollar seminar system, we have 13 prospects signed up for a meeting, 72% sign up rate, 2 clients so far...!"*
>>> 6 Year Advisor: Chris Fehr, CPA, CFP
Springfield, Illinois stated:
“Using Scott’s Seminar System is filling the room with qualified prospects. I invited an existing prospect who had stalled and the seminar motivated him to do a $143,000 life premium." *
>>> 39 Year Advisor: Murray Weaver, CFP 
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, reported:
Scott showed me exactly what to say to obtain a $5.1 million account worth $65,000 a year!” *
* These testimonials are real results, however they do not reflect the typical experience. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.
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